10 Healthy Dinners from Costco for Less Than $100!

By Melissa Griffiths

Dinnertime have you scrambling to get something on the table? I wrote this ebook to make your life easier and take some of the hustle out of "What's for dinner?!" 

I've combined my love of Costco with my love of easy meals the whole family will love by writing this book.

I'm sharing 10 of my family favorite meals that will cost you less than $100 to make. Cooking whole foods doesn't have to be exotic, expensive, or time consuming. All of the recipes feed around 6 people, so they really are for families! The leftovers are great too, if you have fewer people in your household. 

- Tried and True Family-Favorite Recipes

- 10 Healthy Meals Under $100

- No More Worrying About "What's for Dinner?"


The recipes in this eBook are family favorites made with awesome wholesome ingredients. I used some of my favorite short-cuts like canned pasta sauce, organic chicken stock, and flatbread to make dinner a breeze.


No more running from store to store. A stop at Costco is all you need!


These recipes are formulated to use up everything you buy!


Adults and kids alike love these recipes, and you will, too!


Tips for making these recipes meatless or even a little cheaper are included.


"Doesn't matter if you're a novice or an experienced cook, this eBook is a must-have for anyone who's looking for inexpensive, easy to prepare, and delicious meals."

- Mike 

"I'm a 'waste not, want not' kind of gal, so I loved that the eBook contained recipes that used up the leftovers from the previous recipe. The recipe for assembling flat bread pizzas was awesome. I'll be pulling that one out over and over again!"

- Rebecca

"Sometimes I need, even ache a little bit for a friend to come over to my house, write out a grocery list, show me where to go shopping and exactly how to make some meals for my family! Is that too much to ask? I just don't like doing that stuff. This wonderful book feels like that friend who didn't even have to knock. The notes at the bottom put a smile on my face and answered the questions I didn't know I had. I am excited to try every single one of these wonderful recipes."  

- Beverly T., stay-at-home mom to 6

"The recipes are EASY to make, GREAT tasting, and PERFECT for any size family. The low cost is a spectacular benefit." 

- Kristy T.


The recipes in 10 Healthy Dinners from Costco for Less Than $100 include:

  • Rotisserie Chicken with Very Veggie Rice Pilaf
  • Easy Egg Bake
  • Shrimp Fajitas
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Easy Flatbread Pizza
  • and more!

You'll have all the resources you need to rock these recipes!


Let's get dinner on the table! Buy the eBook on its own, or get more bang for your buck with the Silver or Gold packages:

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"10 Healthy Dinners from Costco for Less Than $100!"

PLUS "The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals"

PLUS "Real Food for Real Families." This book is all about getting your family to eat real food, no health store needed. It includes tons of tips, tricks, a 2 week meal plan (including 14 real food recipes the whole family will love), as well a shopping lists and tool for success. This is a great addition to your library and will further help you solve the "what's for dinner?!" dilemma. You'll love it!


"10 Healthy Dinners from Costco for Less Than $100!"

PLUS "The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals." This book will change your life! All the recipes can be prepped on one day (no cooking on prep day!) and then stored in the freezer. Just pop the contents of your prepared meal bag in your slow cooker, set it, forget it. The ultimate health food prep! Everything is made with whole foods and the recipes even include 4 meatless meals. Shopping list and pages of tips and tricks included.


"10 Healthy Dinners from Costco for Less Than $100!"



Get "10 Healthy Dinners from Costco for Less Than $100!"  

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The Basic package + "The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals!"

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Get the Silver package + my "Real Food for Real Families" eBook!


What’s an eBook?

An eBook is a book in an electronic format; rather than having to go to the store to purchase a cookbook, you can download it to your own computer, smart phone, or tablet! You can print your eCookbook if you want a hard version or you can easily access your eCookbook from your computer or other devices whenever you are ready to cook.

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How do I buy a copy?

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Is there a printed version?

No, there is no printed version only a digital PDF.

Can I save and share the book among multiple devices? 

My goal for this eBook is for you and your family to use and share it just like you would a physical book. You have 5 downloads before your unique download link expires, so you can save it to various computers, smart phones, and tablets in your household. 

What if I don't like the eBook?

I truly believe you'll love these recipes and this cooking method. But on the slim chance that you don't, I offer a 30 day guarantee. Just email me at melissa [at] blessthismessblog.com!

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